Providing investment advice & services for over two decades!

What does Water Valley Investment Advisors do?

Water Valley Investment Advisors, Inc. (WVIA) is a firm that specializes in providing custom-tailored investment management service. It is led by talented people who have known each other for years and share a passion for helping individuals manage their money.

How is WVIA different from stockbrokers?

WVIA distinguishes itself by its independent, personalized, professional service and its performance reporting. The portfolio managers at WVIA are not compensated by trading volume, nor does the firm sell securities. Reports provided by WVIA provide in-depth information on portfolio performance, not simply the transactional data provided by brokers.

Why should WVIA manage my money?

Clients come to WVIA because of its experienced principals and advisors, the quality and strength of its service, and its investment philosophy.

What is the investment philosophy of WVIA?

WVIA principals custom-tailor portfolios to meet the unique personal and financial objectives of individual clients. Equity portfolios are built around high quality companies with superior management, proprietary products or services and growing income or cash flow. Fixed income portfolios are composed of investment-grade bonds that satisfy cash flow needs and maximize total returns.

Does WVIA have the appropriate licenses?

The firm is a Registered Investment Advisor with the states of Illinois and Iowa.

Does WVIA have a minimum account size?

WVIA currently has a $200,000 minimum account size. Special situations will be considered.

Will WVIA take possession of the assets under management?

No. A third-party brokerage firm will hold all securities.

What reports will I receive?

You will receive accurate portfolio performance reports from WVIA on a quarterly basis. The typical custodian will provide transaction and valuation reports to you on a monthly basis. WVIA will provide quarterly reports showing the total return for the quarter and year-to-date, unrealized and realized gains and losses, current valuation, and projected income from dividends and interest. WVIA will also provide annual reports showing capital gains and losses and dividend and interest income.